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Improved methods for measuring shale permeability

Welcome to SHAPE

This website summarizes the results from the SHAPE (Improved methods for measuring SHAle PEremeability) project, which was a joint industry project (JIP) undertaken by the University of Leeds, and sponsored by Chevron, EBN and NEXEN.

The initial aim of the SHAPE project is to developed new methods to measure the permeability of shales. However, a literature review conducted at the start of the project combined with a stear from sponsors has meant that these aims have been expanded to include:

  • Identifying reasons why measurements of shale porosity varies so much between laboratories for the same samples.
  • Developing laboratory methods that to measure the range of gas flow mechanisms that occur in shale gas resource plays (Knusden diffusion, transitional flow, slip flow and Darcy flow).
  • These methods need to be particularly sensitive to the higher permeability horizons that may control flow in shales.
  • Create a web-based "Atlas of Shale Properties".


SHAPE is currently sponsored by Chevron, EBN and NEXEN